Reseller Agreement

WeatherTech® Authorized Dealer Program

Dear WeatherTech® Dealer,

At WeatherTech®, we are firmly committed to offering a recognizable American brand with an assortment of automotive, pet, detailing/cleaning, and home/business accessories. Our wholesale/retail partners play an essential role in the continued success of our WeatherTech® line. WeatherTech® resellers invest significant resources to present products to customers and the end users, and likewise share our similar goal of ensuring our customers have the highest quality products and service to continually exceed expectations in every regard.

In order to maintain these standards and not devalue our brand, all resellers of WeatherTech® branded products in the United States must complete the WeatherTech Authorized Dealer application below. Effective June 7, 2019, only those resellers who have completed the authorized dealer application, and have been expressly approved by WeatherTech Direct, LLC will be allowed to purchase WeatherTech® products – either directly, or through authorized WeatherTech® distributor partners.

The application will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. However, we are asking that anyone that fills out the application also read and acknowledge the WeatherTech® Reseller MAP and PTG Agreement at the same time.

Click Here to view the WeatherTech® Reseller MAP and PTG Agreement


All required fields must be completed before the application can be submitted. Submitted applications and their content will be reviewed by the WeatherTech® sales management team for individual approval.

WeatherTech® Authorized Dealers will have the benefit of direct communications regarding products in your channel, policy and promotional revisions, and price list updates.

All WeatherTech® Authorized Dealers have a responsibility to ensure ongoing compliance with our policies & requirements to maintain their authorized status. If you have any questions about our programs or policies please contact our wholesale department directly:

Email - wholesale@weathertech.com 

Phone – 800-943-9250

Thank you for your cooperation and support,

WeatherTech® Wholesale Department


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