Pet BarrierKeeps Pets Secure in Vehicle Behind your 2nd or 3rd Row Seats

Pet Barrier Pet Barrier 787765589239 The WeatherTech Pet Barrier is an adjustable and expandable heavy-duty barrier that keeps pets safely secured in the rear of your vehicle. No tools or drilling needed!
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The WeatherTech Pet Barrier is an adjustable and expandable heavy-duty barrier that keeps pets safely secured in the rear of your vehicle. No tools or drilling needed! Read More

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Product Information

WeatherTech Pet Barrier

Whether you drive a car, SUV or minivan, the engineers of WeatherTech developed a Pet Barrier using strong yet lightweight polymers and alloys to reduce weight, improve ease of installation and removal, while offering security for your pet and peace of mind for your travels.

Easy to Install

  • Installs in minutes – Typical installation requires no tools or drilling
  • Locks using easy to turn red knobs along with 14 speedy adjustments
  • Adjusts to a minimum height of 30" with a max of 46"
  • Adjust to a minimum width of 39" with a max of 66"
  • Large round flexible support feet create a snug fit which eliminates rattle
  • Support feet work great even on heavy contoured headliners

Built to Last

  • 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Manufactured with strong yet lightweight aluminum
  • Side adjusting slides made from a strong advanced plastic material
  • Main upright 1" diameter bar is injection molded out of a proprietary black resin that is incredibly strong
  • Internal upright is a 3/4" diameter aluminum extrusion with a bright satin anodized finish
  • Center aluminum cross bars are 5/8" in diameter with a bright satin anodized finish
  • The 1/2" diameter side adjusting slides are custom designed and made from proprietary resin that is very strong
  • Spacing between the cross bars is 3-3/8"

Essential for Drivers

  • Keeps your focus on the road; not on your furry friend
  • Limits distractions; not your visibility
  • Protects the vehicle’s upholstery from hair, claw scratches and muddy paws

Excellent for Pets

  • Keeps pets comfortable, safe, and secure
  • Helps prevent pets from leaping over seats

Pet Barrier Fence Kit:

For owners of minivans, SUV’s & CUV’s with bucket seats, we offer the optional Pet Barrier Fence Kit to completely block the gap between the cargo area floor and the lower horizontal bar on the Pet Barrier. Identical to the horizontal bars offered on the Pet Barrier, the Fence Kit allows additional coverage and security for vehicles without a 2nd or 3rd row seat back, or when then 2nd or 3rd row seats are folded down. Multiple Fence Kits may be used on the Pet Barrier.

Fence Kit Includes:

  • Horizontal bars
  • Extension loops
  • Mounting brackets
  • Hardware and instructions for a quick easy install

Pet Barrier Storage Bag:

Easily stow and store your Pet Barrier with the Pet Barrier Storage Bag. Featuring a compact design, the bag safely stores your Pet Barrier with the fences removed from the uprights. Proudly made in the USA from 200D Nylon, this bag is super strong and lightweight. The bag’s heavy-duty full length handle lets you carry by hand or on your shoulder, and utilizes a full length zipper for quick loading and unloading.

Pet Barrier Extension Kit:

WeatherTech’s Pet Barrier Extension Kit adds an additional 11” of height for using the Pet Barrier in taller vehicles. Perfect for minivans, full size vans or larger vehicles that are not compatible with the Pet Barrier’s maximum height of 46”. Provides the needed height so your pet can be securely restrained in these larger vehicles. Extensions are the same ¾” aluminum extension used in the Pet Barrier, and includes hardware, Allen Key and instructions for a fast and easy install. Fence Kits can be used in combination with the Extension Kit.

  • Adds an additional 11" of height to your Pet Barrier
  • Installs in minutes
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