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Product: SinkMat

Part Number: USM01BK

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The WeatherTech SinkMat is a waterproof, injection molded mat designed to protect your expensive kitchen cabinets from spills, stains, leaky drains and garbage disposal failures. The SinkMat is designed with a custom raised edge that can hold up to one gallon of fluid in the event of a leak or product spill. Whether a dripping drainpipe, leaky household cleaner or any other under-sink hazard, the WeatherTech SinkMat has you covered!

Product Features:

  • Measures 34 1/4" wide by 22 1/2" deep, to fit a standard 36" wide cabinet
  • Custom trim-features to allow for:
    • smaller cabinets (width or depth)
      • width can be trimmed down to 30 ¾" or 28"
      • depth can be trimmed down to 20 ¾"
    • modifications for plumbing coming up through the bottom of the cabinet
  • Available in Black or Tan
  • Easy to clean - just wipe away messes
  • Great in kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms
  • 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

The SinkMat is the perfect solution to common household problems!

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Name Stephen B Product SinkMat
My first purchase of a WeatherTech product. A leak under the kitchen sink and replacement of cabinet floor (no easy task with water pipes coming up thru the floor) prompted me to be proactive in preventing another such debacle. Looked at most all available mats online and decided the WeatherTech mat would work the best for me. Very glad I chose it...it's well designed to trap water in case of another leak or spill, it's well made and looks as attractive as a mat can look under the sink. Had it trimmed up to fit around the pipes in no time and have no reason to believe it will ever need to be replaced. As the saying goes...you get what you pay for. I'll be looking at their other products as needs arise.
Name Julie Grandstaff Product SinkMat
Recently we had our cabinets refaced, and a new floor put into our under sink cabinet. Bought the SinkMat to protect the new floor. I was able to cut it to fit around the plumbing in under a minute and maintain a lip all the way around. Such a great solution for under the sink.
Name Jeff Product SinkMat
The kitchen sink mat fits the cabinet precisely and is perfect to protect the cabinet. I couldn't be more pleased.