Dealer Support

Questions & Answers

  • What are the benefits of joining a reseller program?

    You will be placed on WeatherTech’s Dealer Locator and earn free displays and marketing support materials. You will also qualify for quarterly promotions where you can earn further incentives for participating.

  • How long will it take to receive my new display and for my store to be added to the dealer locator?

    Program displays typically ship within 3-5 business days upon submitting the program form and supporting invoice. Stores are added to the dealer locator within this same timeframe.

  • How much does the program cost?

    Program costs vary based on the inventory needed. Depending on the Reseller Program the initial inventory investment is usually between $300 - $800.

  • Do I have to qualify for the program every year?

    You qualify for the programs once. As long as inventories remain consistent or greater than your original order, you will stay activated on the program

  • Can I join more than one?

    Yes, you can join as many programs as suited to your business. Your listing will gain a special badge when joining multiple programs to help your store stand out and indicate that your store has a diverse variety of WeatherTech® Products.

  • Are displays and marketing materials always free?

    For active and new resellers, yes, as we want to ensure that our reseller partners are equipped with the proper materials and displays to be a successful with the line. Product proof of purchase may be requested, especially, when requesting a display/rack designed to hold WeatherTech products.

  • Do I get an exclusive in a territory if I join?

    WeatherTech’s Reseller Programs are not exclusive and we welcome all qualified retailers

  • What happens if I move my store?

    Just let us know and we will update your information on our locator. Email your original and new address details to DiamondDealer@weathertech.com

  • Does this program make be buy from specific distributors?

    Your purchases can remain through any and all distributors you currently use or decide to use in future

  • How do I update my email to receive the latest promotional details or other important correspondence?

    Simply let us know that you need to update your email address by sending an email to DiamondDealer@weathertech.com. Be sure to include your store name and address so we can easily locate your store and make the change.

  • What are Diamond Dealer ratings and how can I move my store to a higher level?

    Diamond Dealer ratings are based on factors that include inventory on-hand, product mix, vehicle coverage, and displays.

  • Can I get a direct WeatherTech account?

    We have an excellent network of distributor partners that specialize in servicing dealers with our products. If you don’t currently have a WeatherTech distributor, we can assist you with contacting one that covers your area. Find a distributor in your area - Distributor Locator

  • What if I recently purchased a business that is currently signed up on one of these programs? Do I need to rejoin to remain active?

    Please contact us at DiamondDealer@weathertech.com and we have an associate contact you about your options.

  • Which reseller program is best suited for my business?

    This is dependent on the type of business and products you would sell; Custom Fit Vehicle Accessories, Trim-to-Fit Vehicle mats and universal accessories, Home and Business products. Visit https://www.weathertechwholesale.com/become-a-dealer/ for program details.