WeatherTech CupFone Accessories


Extension Improve your ability to either reach or see your CupFone

  • Raise your phone up to 4” higher than a standard CupFone. Fully height adjustable!
  • Allows for infinite positioning of your phone and securely locks into place.
CupFone<sup>&reg;</sup> / DeskFone<sup>™</sup> Two View Head

CupFone® / DeskFone Two View Head Upgrade your CupFone or DeskFone to view in portrait and landscape mode

  • The Two View Head has all the same features as your CupFone or DeskFone, plus it allows you to view your phone in landscape mode!
  • Easy to install and adjust the view
CupFone<sup>&reg;</sup> Storage Bag

CupFone® Storage Bag Safely store your CupFone on the go.

  • Made from strong, durable nylon.
  • Safely store all your unused base cups and other accessories.
Holiday Gift Bag

Holiday Gift Bag The perfect gift wrapping for WeatherTech CupFone and DeskFone!

  • Made from durable spandex fabric
  • Includes holiday gift tag