UnderLiner Pickup Truck Bed Liner

Introducing UnderLiner – digitally designed to perfectly match the contours of your specific pickup truck bed. WeatherTech UnderLiner provides added protection by creating a .065" thick semi-soft protective barrier between the rigid drop-in bed liner and the painted surface of your truck bed.

So you just purchased your shiny new pickup truck and you intend to do some seriously heavy duty hauling. Your next stop will be to outfit your new vehicle with nothing but the best accessories - WeatherTech FloorLiners – check, WeatherTech MudFlaps – check. You passed on the WeatherTech TechLiner because you really have your mind set on a "drop-in" bed liner for the full protection you feel you need, but wait! Did you consider protecting the bed of your truck from the ravages of the rigid bed liner rubbing against the painted surface?