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Product: PetRamp

Part Number: 8AHR1DG

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WeatherTech Pet Ramp

The WeatherTech Pet Ramp helps pets of all ages to access vehicles and various household areas. It also helps pet owners, who are unable to lift their larger pets without the risk of injuring themselves or their furry friends. Easy to use, the ramp simply unfolds into position, and the rubber feet at both ends help keep it from sliding out of place. It’s skid resistant surface includes specialized traction pads molded directly into the ramp help keep your pet safe and secure while going up or down. When not in use the pet ramp can fold down to an easy-to-carry and easy-to-store compact size, and with its lightweight construction and molded handles the Pet Ramp can go wherever needed.


  • The only USA made Pet Ramp that we are aware of. Ultra-high, American-made quality...The WeatherTech way!
  • Lightweight - only 16 lbs. - and strong, designed to handle almost any domestic pet up to 300 lbs. in weight.
  • Created from a leading edge USA made proprietary resin. Formulated for higher strength, durability and lighter weight.
  • Designed with rubber feet on both ends, which were specially designed to help prevent the ramp from slipping/sliding on both the ground and your vehicle.
  • The top of the ramp has a molded-in soft, textured rubber surface, to provide extra traction for your dog.
  • The custom designed hinge provides strength, compact folding, and helps prevent hinge damage if accidentally dropped.
  • By design the hinge end is flat when folded, allowing for easier storage.
  • Integrated carrying handles on both sides of the Pet Ramp let you take it anywhere it’s needed.
  • Easy to operate - simply unfold and place on vehicle/surface to be used.
  • Durable and easy to clean - won’t rust or corrode.
  • Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.


  • Helps prevents back strain from lifting a dog in and out of a vehicle
  • Helps prevent injury to dogs being lifted in and out of vehicles.
  • At only 16 lbs, the WeatherTech PetRamp is way lighter than the inferior imported ramps from overseas. So lifting it in and out of your vehicle is easier than any other ramp on the market.


  • Pet Ramp measures 67 inches long unfolded and 15 inches wide, and folds to a compact 33.5 inches long.
  • Pet Ramp weighs only 16 lbs. and supports up to 300 lbs.
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Name Lorraine H Product PetRamp
Picked up the ramp this week from the Factory Outlet Store. Ramp is perfect for loading my 8 yr old, 85# German Shepherd into my truck or SUV. I unboxed and set the ramp up to the truck floor to see how sturdy it was and before I could turn around, the dog was on her way up the ramp into the truck and onto the seat. She knew this product was made especially just for her. She made several trips up and down to see if it met with her approval, and it more than did. Thanks to WeatherTech for making such a safe, easy-to-use product for my huge fur baby!! Exactly what I was searching for.
Name Pam Bowen Product PetRamp
Been looking for one for awhile and there are so many could not decide. Found this. Fits great, incline is good, easy to carry, a little heavy I think, but that's probably just me would not change what it is to make lighter. Dogs took right to it. Yay. Definitely 2 thumbs up. Very pleased.
Name Anonymous Product PetRamp
We got our older lab this ramp so she could get in & out of the van more easily. Spent just a few minutes with her over the weekend, & she thinks it's fabulous. Much easier than having to pick her up! We actually laid it flat initially & got her to cross it a couple times with some kibble bribery to get used to how it felt. After that we had her go up & down in a few times. It's lightweight and compact when folded, and the grippy pieces at both ends keep it from sliding when deployed. We're all much happier!
Name Anonymous Product PetRamp
I bought this for my three large dogs. It is a great product. It’s light enough for me to handle, folds nicely to put on back seat after dog is loaded. The ramp has non slip material and the dogs don’t slip on the on/off of it. Sturdy, great product, very pleased.