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Product: Christmas Tree Mat

Part Number: IDMCTM1

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Christmas Tree Mat

Worry less and enjoy more knowing your floor is protected against scratches from tree stands, spilled water or potential water leaks from your stand. The perfect solution to the problems of Christmas tree stands and trees; the WeatherTech Christmas Tree Mat is a heavy-duty, high-quality mat, made from the same material as the WeatherTech Floor Mats. This means it will stay-flat, stay-put and protect against the harshest of conditions. Adding to it's rugged features is a raised lip design that will help collect and contain debris from the tree, leaving floors untouched. You can pair it with a tree skirt or leave it uncovered.

Christmas Tree Mat Features:

    • Catches the over spill when adding water to your Christmas tree stand
    • Holds up to a gallon of water
    • 1/2" tall lip around the mat helps contain spills and debris
    • Available in three colors: Dark Green, Cocoa and Terracotta.
    • Helps prevent scratches on your floor from Christmas tree stands
    • Robust Design lays-flat and stays put
    • Large 35" diameter
    • Quick and easy to clean
    • Great for use as a child play mat
    • Can be used underneath all types of planters for use throughout the year
    • Made in the USA